7 Tricks to eat healthy in Brickell


Set in Miami, Brickell is known as „Millionaire’s Row,“ a place that grown so much it is now considered as a central place of business and finance. Food is no exception. In this upscale neighborhood which is home to many popular Miamians, some top-notch restaurants are serving high-quality meals. Choosing the right place where you can eat can help you stay healthy and within your plans and goals.

Brickell restaurants are known for their quality and portion sizes that are nutritious enough for everyone, making it easy to stay on your diet plan. The food in brickell restaurants are a reflection of various cultures because residents and visitors are coming from different cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities, all looking for high luxury life – and food. But if you want to be sure you are eating properly, these tricks can help you.

Double the vegetables – when you order your meal, ask them to double the vegetables on your plate. This way you will get an even healthier meal.

Box half of your order – you could ask them to split your meal in half and pack the other for you to bring it home. If you do it before the food gets to your table, you will be safe from overeating. It is healthier anyway to have smaller and more regular meals.

First, the salad – if you eat a salad before your main meal, you will make sure you ate some vegetables or fruits. You should also avoid sauces that are creamy. Instead, it is better to add nuts. If you like salad dressing, you should have it on the side, and dip your fork in it before taking a salad. It will surprise you how little dressing you used.

Skip the bread – if your meal already contains potatoes, pasta, or beans, you do not need any bread. Ask the waiter not to bring the bread basket to your table so you will not have anything to eat out of boredom while waiting for your meal. Instead, while you wait, you could ask for a plate of some fruits or raw veggies.

The Fish dish – meals with fish that are not fried should be perfect for you. Seafood is healthy, and no one eats it enough. Skip all the sauces, or ask to bring them on the side so you can keep an eye on how much you are using.

Water is the key – drinking water while you will make you slow down, help you eat less, and make you enjoy your meals more. It will give your brain the necessary time it needs to realize you are no longer hungry.

Dressing up can help – it doesn’t matter how fancy the place where you are going to eat is. Always dress your best. It will be a special event where you will be focused on other things instead just on the food you crave.


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