How To Prepare Sushi From Home

How To Prepare Sushi

We will now show you how to prepare the most typical Japanese food, sushi. First of all, we have to cook rice for sushi. As you need a lot, you have to prepare enough: 900 grams of rice for 4 to 6 people. With this amount of rice and 20% percent more water we will obtain a normal white rice.

In addition, you have to prepare the vinegar to dress the rice: add 4 tablespoons of sugar and one of salt to 90 milliliters of vinegar. It is preferable to use rice (we can buy it in health food stores or in Japanese products stores). If you can’t find it, you can dress it with normal vinegar.


When the rice is still very hot, place it in a large and wide container or in a large mold. Add the prepared vinegar and mix them together, trying not to crush the rice grains. When we have mixed these ingredients well, you have to aerate them with a fan (if you do not have a fan, a magazine or something similar can serve you). They say that the rice grains are brighter and more beautiful.

Raw fish is then prepared in cuts equal to those of sashimi. Long balls are formed with a tablespoon and a half or two of the rice seasoned with vinegar. The balls are much smaller than those of the onigiri. If you are sure that you like spicy food, smear the top of the balls with a little wasabi. If you are not sure, you can prepare the sushi without wasabi and, at the time of eating it, dip it in the soy sauce with wasabi.

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The fish and seafood are placed on top of each ball and the sushis are ready. Tuna, both red meat, and belly, sea bream, sole and sea bass are very suitable for preparing sushi. The prawns too. But in the case of prawns, when preparing at home, it is best to boil them for a moment, remove their skin, remove their heads and cut them in half. The boiled octopus is also appropriate for preparing sushi. It is served with the Japanese omelet and the taste varies depending on the spices used.

If any of your guests are opposed to raw fish, we will teach you a pair of Westernized and less shocking sushis. First of all, the smoked salmon sushi is highly recommended. Also, sushi is usually successful with a piece of ripe avocado, with a flavor very similar to that of the tuna belly. With these two types of sushi ‘light’ and tortilla, shrimp and boiled octopus, guests that are not familiar with Japanese cuisine won’t be hungry.


Sushi is a great and far healthier alternative to many more traditional meals and foods, but it does need some getting use to, that’s for sure.

How to eat sushi

The sushi is dipped in soy sauce before eating. If you prefer something spicy, add a bit of wasabi to the soy sauce. When you dip it in the sauce, you do not have to put in the rice part, but the part of the sashimi. That is the right way. Sushi can be eaten with chopsticks or fingers, because picking sushi with chopsticks, turning it around, just wetting the fish and bringing it to the mouth is a complicated operation. You can take it calmly with your fingers. Take advantage!


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