Enjoy the most amazing Greek cuisine on the river


If you like Greek food and the amazing ambient of a really nice restaurant with the most outstanding Miami River view, this place will be a real feast for your senses. It is a place that features the most delicious food wonders that this country has to offer, prepared by the Greek chefs themselves. Modern Greek dishes, the Mediterranean spirit of the Greek island, the music whispering magic into your ears and the tastiest food specialties that you ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Yes, this restaurant is the magic itself indeed and it will please almost every lover of Greece in a matter of seconds. The riverfront is really beautiful and it gives a special note to the overall experience. This amazing Greek restaurant was actually built in the place where the first Miami fish market used to be. They continued to supply their restaurant with the freshest fish they can find and everything in this restaurant is really fresh and delicious.

When it comes to the greek food menu, that is a true place of magic. From the most simple food like baked bread with garlic and other simple treats to the most complicated dishes in wine with various fish and other products, a man can truly eat his fill here without any problems. This restaurant is known as one of the best restaurants in Miami and it is no wonder, they really love doing their job and making people happy and satisfied.

It is quality over quantity

People can get a chance to feast themselves with oysters, tuna tartare, outstandingly delicious seafood towers, hamachi sashimi, various salads with and without meat, appetizers like crab cake or octopus, entreats, sides and desserts. They have made sure that their food menu has a little something for everyone’s taste. Now, normally, everyone would be interested in the prices. Well, the best thing about this really remarkable restaurant is that they are more than affordable. When it comes to these people, it is more than obvious that they aren’t about quantity but quality for sure.

The whole ambient of the restaurant is entwined in Greek spirit with the notion of inspiration by the nice and cozy way of living on the Miami River. It is this ambient that brings the river lifestyle, intertwined with Greek spirit, that makes this place really come alive in the eyes of the beholders. Once you pay a visit to it, it will be very hard to forget it. You will have the need to spread the word about a really good and stylish, cozy Greek restaurant with the most delicious food and the most amazing prices.

You can bet on this. People will stand in line to try some of these otherworldly food specialties and it is completely safe to say that the ambient will make any lover of restaurants a regular in no time. The place is simply adorable and the menu is completely stellar.


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