Enjoy the freshest seafood from the best market

freshest seafood

We are very happy to announce that we are now able to offer the best and the most sustainable, delicious, healthy and wild seafood products in the best seafood market in Phoenix. If you like live fish or any other product that comes from the sea, do not worry, we have exactly what you need. Ours is the freshest that you can possibly find and we keep all sorts of tasty things in the store for our distinguished customers. We take pride in offering our delicious products directly to consumers.

fresh seafoodWe want them to know we mean business when we hand their fresh seafood directly into their hands. We do our thing in the simplest way possible, you get what you paid for, no more no less. We are always opened for any negotiations because we want our customers to be happy and satisfied. It is really simple, if they are, they will come again and everybody wins. Once you give us a try, we are one hundred percent sure that you will come again for more, there is no question about it.

Make a special occasion even more special

This is a unique opportunity for you to lay hands on the freshest seafood that is just waiting for someone that wants it. Jumbo king crab, rockfish, tuna fish, salmon, oysters, shrimps, there are so many delicious things in the offer that it is hard to name them all. We also have special offers in case that you want to make a dinner for your loved ones. We know how important it is to you to make that one night special and we have many interesting specialties for you.

We also go a bit further from just selling seafood, we also offer some useful recipes and advice on how to cook and prepare certain meals. We urge everyone to feel free and experiment as much as possible with our seafood products but, for those who want to try something their senses did not have the pleasure yet, we prepared ultra special recipes that will be a real feast for their senses.

We have a new retail location. Our new seafood market phoenix based location is ready to deliver its fresh goods to the lovers of seafood. We have customized our offer and included new products from all over the world. Our business is seafood and we will do our best to bring our customers the highest quality products they can expect for their money.

Our focus is more on sustainable and wild options and features special requests and orders as well ass fresh selections on the weekly basis. We cooperate with the most professional and skillful fishermen and various others coworkers who deal with seafood and we get only the best quality and freshest products that immediately ready for the sails. Our market is one of the best and the biggest ones in the country. Feel free to give us a try.


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