Italian foods that go great with wine


Italians are known for many things, but their most important two things are their love for quality food and their love for wine. While they have a tradition to drink wine with many of their meals, many people don’t indulge in a lot of wine drinking especially during the meal time, except for the French they drink wine literally at any given chance they have. But for the rest, it’s a past time during the evenings and rarely used during lunch. However, if you want to implement a bit of wine during your lunchtime or your visit to a local italian food restaurant, as it is genuinely good for your health, you need to know which good wines go with some tasty Italian foods.

So, let’s get down to the meals and which wine types will go amazing with them.

1) pasta and wine

When you are making pasta the wine just goes amazing with it. However, it’s very important to pick the right type of wine for the right sauce. The sauce is the most important part of the pasta as it will decide how the pasta will taste. If it’s a White sauce-Carbonara which usually contains include bacon or pancetta you will get the best taste if you pair it with Pinot Giglio. White wine goes amazing with carbonara and the Soave from the Veneto, or Gavi from Piedmont should be your go-to wines for your white pasta.

If it’s a Meat sauce- Bolognese, then the depth of the flavor will be enhanced by red wine, and some of the best ones to pair them with meat sauce pasta would be Brunello di Montalcino, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and you can experiment here as any red wine will be good with bolognese.

The last type of pasta would be the red sauce pasta- Arrabiata which is an amazing dish if we can just point out, and that type of pasta varies in taste depending on the region and traditional ingredients of the Arrabiata. Some prefer red wine here some prefer white, here you can’t make a mistake, but we do prefer the lighter versions of the white vine family.

2) Risotto with wine

Matching risotto with wine here can be a tricky task depending on your tastes. It’s the same as with the red pasta, everyone will have their preferred wine, and you might ask why? Well, that’s because the risotto is amazing at absorbing the alcoholic taste while also bringing up the flavor of its ingredients. White wine goes here and some of our favorites are Pinot Grigio from the Alto Adige which goes amazing with seafood. While on the other side, for the red we would choose Dolcetto di Dogliani from Piedmont.

3) Pizza and wine

Pizza and wine were made for each other. The stronger the crust the better the taste experience you will have with a red wine paired with it. Literally can’t make a bad choice when it comes to red wine and pizza, just pick whichever wine you like.


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