Bread With Tomato (Pantumaca)


The bread with tomato is a typical Catalan starter and is served daily in many restaurants in Barcelona and throughout the country.

We toast the slices of bread in a pan without oil on one side.

Rub with a ripe tomato on the toasted part of the bread and season it with salt and olive oil as you like.

This bread goes well with sausages, cheeses, and anchovies.

Bread with tomato (Pantumaca)

Ingredients for 4 people:

– 4 medium slices of village bread.

– 2 tomatoes.

– Extra virgin olive oil.

– Salt.

– Sausages (ham serrano, fuet, sausage).

– Anchovies.

– Different cheeses.

In the end, you will get a great tasting recipe that’s really easy and simple to prepare. It takes only a couple of minutes to prepare the food, but the taste you get makes a huge difference. This recipe is becoming popular all over the world because of it’s simplicity and taste.


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