Funny Kids Cooking Recipes

Kid and tomato

Gastronomy is the pending issue in the education of our children. A subject that many parents overlook and that is of vital importance.

Getting the little ones in the house to consume more vegetables is difficult, but not impossible. The secret?The presentation and decoration. A funny face or a plate with many different colors, and the problem solved. So do not miss the gastronomic proposals that we bring you today: fun, easy, fast and very healthy.

The most original fruits

Would you like your children to consume more fruit instead of so many sweets? Well, present them with a funny pear as you have in the first image of our post and they can’t refuse to eat it, no way. Even I can’t, and I’m an adult!

Funny Kids Cooking Recipes

It’s very easy: clean and peel the pear halfway, and finish the decoration with a few grapes and strawberries punctured with chopsticks. You can put a piece of chocolate in the eyes to give a sweet touch. There is no child who can resist this nice pear! It is perfect for kids parties.

Cooked rice and vegetables

You can also prepare some cooked rice with your children and draw a friendly face using vegetables. Peas in the eyes, spinach or pieces of carrot for the hair … Let the imagination fly free and experiment with different ideas.

Another dessert that is also very successful is the tropical palm tree with delicious fruits.

How is it done? Very easy. Cut a banana into several pieces to make the trunk of your palm tree, and as a base use a slice of orange.

To make the green leaves of our fun and exotic palm, you have to cut several pieces of kiwi, distributed in the upper part. A very healthy, fun and simple dessert for your children to forget the industrial pastries

Healthy food that stimulates the imagination

The best way to get the little ones in the house to discover new and nutritive flavors is a very fun and creative way that will also stimulate your imagination.

And we finish with another dish that will also conquer your children: some funny snowmen with hard eggs. For this, you have to cook the eggs for about 15 minutes. Wait for them to cool and remove the peel.


Then you have to decorate them with the ingredients that you want. You can put some stuffed olives for the eyes and a piece of raw carrot for the nose. Kids enjoy the little things and they learn everything that comes across their way. Just show them that veggies are a must and they will learn to love them.

And now it’s your turn, what other recipes do you know and want to share with us?


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